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Brochure - Vol. 2 (2023): Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

Posted on December 13, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
4561 | 13 Dec 2023
Brochure - Vol. 2 (2023): Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

It's wonderful when you discover the courage to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. It becomes even more remarkable when you persist in elevating your entrepreneurial potential, and both you and your business continue to grow. When you're taking your next steps on your entrepreneurial journey, remember – nobody knows how things will turn out. Change can be quite scary, but if you wish to elevate your entrepreneurial potential, change needs to happen.

Starting a business journey and making your way through it can often feel overwhelming. In today's sea of information, it's tough to find the right and helpful guidance, especially when there's a lot of unclear information without real-life examples. There will always be a certain amount of risk.  You should be cautious, but do not be scared! Do your research, prepare for the journey as best as you can, and make it your own journey! 

There is no magic solution to acquire all the knowledge in the world and fully prepare yourself for what lies ahead. For this reason, the best thing we can do is offer you direct advice from people who have been there and done that. So, whether you are just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or already navigating your way through it, be sure to take a look at our Brochure – Vol. 2 (PDF). In section 3, you will find advice that over 150 global experts would give their younger selves if they started their journey again with all the knowledge and experiences they have today.

  Download Brochure - Vol. 2 (PDF)

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In 2022, we launched the 'Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative,' which aims to support both young and experienced entrepreneurs facing challenges on their entrepreneurial journey. Through our initiative, we provide practical insights and guidance from global experts who have been walking the entrepreneurial path for a while and can offer this advice based on real-life experiences. 

Learn more about our initiative >>

TOPIC OVERVIEW: Elevating Entrepreneurial Potential

The Brochure - Vol. 2 (2023), just like our previous brochure, follows a dual approach. This means that, in addition to a section featuring advice from global experts, the brochure also includes an article titled "Elevating Entrepreneurial Potential," divided into three practical chapters.

Chapter 1: Vision & Strategy
1.1 The Power of Entrepreneurial Vision
1.2 Crafting an Effective Strategic Blueprint
1.3 Cultivating a Resilient Growth Mindset

Chapter 2: Leadership & Innovation
2.1 Exploring Leadership Dynamics
2.2 Nurturing a Culture of Innovation
2.3 Harmonizing Leadership and Innovation

Chapter 3: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
3.1 Overview & Understanding of DEI
3.2 Fostering DEI for Entrepreneurial Excellence
3.3 Steps in Implementing DEI

PARTICIPANTS – 179 Global Participants

In Section 3 of Brochure - Vol. 2 (2023), we are honored to present invaluable advice generously provided by a remarkable group of 179 participants. Among this diverse array, individuals hold various titles like Owner, Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, Director, Manager, VP, and more, all recognized experts in their respective fields.

They graciously shared real-world insights and experiences, offering a wealth of knowledge from top decision-makers. Notably, among these 179 contributors, we're fortunate to include representatives from 48 different countries, offering a genuinely global perspective on the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

We're truly thankful to all participants for their time and dedication to this initiative.


  1. Yves Bernaert (Group CEO at Atos)
  2. John Caudwell (Founder & CEO of Caudwell)
  3. Steve Rawlingson (Founder & Group CEO of Samuel Knight International)
  4. Oliver Yonchev (Co-Founder & CEO of Flight Story)
  5. Jason Fisher (Co-Founder & Global Studio Director at Flight Story)
  6. Brian Baptista (CEO at COPUBLICA)
  7. Michael Chaffe (CEO at Wolves Summit)
  8. John Barrows (CEO at JB Sales)
  9. Manuel Soriano (CEO at W Executive)
  10. Jouko Ahvenainen (Founder & Chairman of Prifina | Co-Founder of Mission Grey | Serial-entrepreneur and investor)
  11. Mike Kaeding (CEO at Norhart)
  12. Romana Girandon (CEO at Loterija Slovenije | President at The European Lotteries)
  13. Catalina Valentino (Co-Founder & CEO of ELIXR)
  14. Jamie Shanks (CEO at Pipeline Signals)
  15. Mirgen Hoxha (Founder & CEO of Motomtech)
  16. Maxim Behar (CEO & Chairman of the Board at M3 Communications Group)
  17. Sascha Mornell (Co-Founder & CEO of GetMyBoat)
  18. Rolf Westgeest (Founder of EuroStocks)
  19. Pedro Castro Henriques (Co-Founder & CEO of Strongstep | Partner of IPBN)
  20. Maja Brelih Lotrič (CEO at LOTRIČ Metrology)
  21. Mitchell Levy (Founder & Global Credibility Expert at Credibility Nation)
  22. Siegmar Haasis (Founder & CEO of HaasisDEC Digital Engineering Consulting)
  23. Christian Baltzer (Group CFO at Falck)
  24. Laurent Puons (CEO at Monaco Mediax | Co-Founder of Fight-Nation)
  25. Russ Bates (Founder of NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions)
  26. Mario Peshev (CEO at DevriX & Rush)
  27. Stephen Kenwright (Exited Founder of Rise at Seven)
  28. Thomas Smale (CEO at FE International)
  29. Kate Waterfall Hill (Founder & Leadership Coach at Waterfall Hill Consulting)
  30. Chris Williams (Founder & CEO of CLWill)
  31. Adriaan Romijn (Founder & Business Coach at Clear-Path)
  32. Ihor Nikolenko (Founder & CEO of LinkedIn Mentoring by Ihor Nikolenko)
  33. Jareer Oweimrin (Co-Founder & Executive Director at fluidmeet)
  34. Michélle Booysen (Co-CEO at Pétanque NXT)
  35. Vincent Labuschagne (Co-CEO at Pétanque NXT)
  36. Shane Barker (CEO at Shane Barker Consulting)
  37. Hans Elmegaard (CEO at Moddule)
  38. Rafael Sarim Özdemir (Founder & CEO of Zendog Labs)
  39. Marko Bitenc (Founder & CEO of GenePlanet)
  40. Kasim Aslam (Co-Founder & CEO of Solutions 8)
  41. Matt Janaway (CEO at Marketing Labs)
  42. Ashley Louise (Co-Founder & CEO of Ladies Get Paid)
  43. Federico Cesconi (Founder & CEO of SANDSIV)
  44. Giuseppe Andò (Partner at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching | Partner at Global Coach Group)
  45. Wen Zhang (Founder & CEO of INNW Institute)
  46. Gianluca Busato (CEO at Enkronos)
  47. Loukas Tzitzis (Managing Director for International Business at Innovation and Digital Development Agency)
  48. Victor Dantas (Founder & Director of Software Development at Eyedeas)
  49. Thomas Schroeck (Founder & CEO of The Natural Gem)
  50. Ariadna Masó (Founder & CEO of SANNO)
  51. John Caswell (Founder & CEO of Group Partners)
  52. Chibuzo Opara (Co-Founder & CEO of DrugStoc)
  53. Nicolás Seguro (Co-Founder of Mayah)
  54. Nils Berger (Founder & CEO of Viewpointsystem)
  55. Alex Orap (Founder & Chief of Growth at YouScan Social Listening)
  56. Sylvia Georgieva (Founder of PropTech Bulgaria & CSEE PropTech)
  57. Robert Gauvreau (CEO at Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory)
  58. Joaquim Mach Apolo (Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Incapto)
  59. Shaun Els (Co-Founder & CEO of
  60. Kayla Castañeda (Founder & CEO of Agua Bonita)
  61. Elena Aono (Founder & CEO of FinTech4Funds)
  62. Annelize Booysen (Founder & Architect of Your Global Village)
  63. Luca Arrigo (Co-Founder of Metaverse Architects)
  64. Jon Lindén (CEO at Ekkono Solutions)
  65. Boris Sovič (Former CEO at Elektro Maribor)
  66. Dominic Price (Founder of
  67. Gordan Lauc (Founder & CEO of Genos)
  68. Rama Alsheikh (Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Hiro Health)
  69. Adem Gursoy (CEO at YG International)
  70. Mariya Zasheva (CEO at ZigiWave)
  71. Jason Barnard (Founder & CEO of Kalicube & The Brand SERP Guy)
  72. Oliver Bartl (CEO at collana hive)
  73. Marko Krčmar (Co-Founder & CEO of LIVMARK)
  74. Alex Hermann (Co-Founder & CEO of Don't Panic IT Recruiting Agency)
  75. Mark Kalin (CEO at ABC Accelerator)
  76. Adam Wright (Founder & CEO of Jackson Swiss Partners)
  77. Michael Haynes (Founder & CEO of Listen Innovate Grow)
  78. Guilherme João de Sousa Fernandes (Co-Founder & COO of Nordensa)
  79. Rami El-Ashi (Founder & Chairman of Ashi Holding)
  80. Ben Samocha (Founder & CEO of CryptoJungle)
  81. Cai Felip (Co-Founder & CEO of Union Avatars)
  82. Sunkanmi Ola (Co-Founder & CEO of Propel)
  83. Drita Memisi (Founder & CEO of Less Fashion | Board Member at Women In Tech)
  84. Marko Podgornik Verdev (CEO at Mikro+Polo)
  85. Oksana Gorbunova (Co-Founder of BazaIT)
  86. Cristiano Coretti (Co-Founder & CPO at laiout)
  87. David Antonijević (Founder & CEO of Friendly HR | Co-Founder & CEO of Match IT | Founder & CEO of Youth Career Center Belgrade)
  88. Jovan Jovanović (Co-Founder & COO of Match IT)
  89. Nina Mueller (Executive Director of Business Operations at Moodley)
  90. Andre Kempe (CEO at Admiral Media)
  91. Raquella Raiz (Co-Founder & CMO of Cray)
  92. Stéphanie Lesage (Co-Founder & CEO of Oxford Silk Phage Technologies)
  93. Dale R. Johnson (CEO & President at Greene Lyon Group)
  94. Eric Miller (CEO at JLT Mobile Computers)
  95. Antti Heikkilä (CEO at Acceler8 Venture Builder)
  96. Bo Bach Boddum (CEO at Re-Zip)
  97. Kristian Hauge Solheim (Founder & CEO of Cutters)
  98. George Arfaras (Co-Founder of OpenCars)
  99. Daniel Monge (Founder of Syndicate X)
  100. Luc Derksen (Founder of New Generation Leads)
  101. Milan Krajnc (CEO at US Profiling Institute)
  102. Rasmus Haven Eriksen (Co-Founder of Noly Food)
  103. Jarco Penning (Founder & Sales Coach at The Sales Coach / European IT Reseller Academy)
  104. Ben Stirling (Co-Founder & UX Lead at Made with Maturity)
  105. Brage W. Johansen (Co-Founder & CEO of Spectrum Blue)
  106. Yogesh Raj Buliya (Founder & CEO of DigitaleMantra)
  107. Nathan Williams (Founder & CEO of Minespider)
  108. Chernet Mequanent (Founder & CEO of
  109. Alex Osmichenko (CEO at IT Monks Agency)
  110. Jaka Berdnik (Co-Founder & CMO of Automatic Content)
  111. Aleksandra Kozera (Founder & CEO of THE VILLAGE)
  112. Mories M. Atoki (CEO at ABC Health)
  113. Franci Pliberšek (Owner & General Manager at MIK Celje)
  114. Al Kingsley (CEO at NetSupport)
  115. Jenny Nirs (CEO at Qrew)
  116. Leigh Doyle (Founder & CEO of Thinkify)
  117. Wojtek Rokosz (Co-Founder & CEO of Plenti)
  118. Anne Hartslief (Co-Founder of Lockstep)
  119. Faisal Fakhoury (Founder & CEO of Luxury Bookings)
  120. Benjamin Breeden (Founder & CEO of Caf2Code)
  121. Domenico Mangiacapra (Founder-Board Member & Executive Growth Manager at Henshin Group)
  122. Mary Rumyantzeva (Co-Founder & CEO of Pythia World)
  123. Edoardo Ceffa (Co-Founder of
  124. Alex Zhukevich (Founder & CEO of NFT Moon Metaverse)
  125. Robert Stockley (Co-Founder of Opzer)
  126. Isaac Cruz Perdomo (Co-Founder of Opzer)
  127. Tina Baznik (CEO at INNO Legal)
  128. Andrew Choi (Co-Founder & CEO of SuperBooking AI)
  129. Godfrey Tundube (Founder of GrowthZulu)
  130. Mladen Fernežir (Co-Founder & Lead Data Scientist at Velebit AI)
  131. Damjan Blagojević (Founder of Resulting / Results-oriented Consulting)
  132. David Amir (Co-Founder & CEO of PAteam)
  133. Harsh Gautam (Co-Founder & CEO of Workwall)
  134. Boško Prastalo (Founder & CEO of Business Networking & Sellution)
  135. Susan Roberts (Founder & CEO of The 1182 Group)
  136. Mike Amato (Founder of The Better Way to Win)
  137. Reece Wilson (Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at Utime)
  138. Sari Abdo (Co-Founder & CEO of hungerhub)
  139. Jekabs Endzins (Founder & CEO of Roibox)
  140. Jay Rajagopalan Aiyar (Co-Founder & CEO of BrainTribes)
  141. Jennifer L. Ferrari (CEO & President at Education Research & Development Institute)
  142. Abelardo Cruz Osorio (Founder & CEO of DEFTEKK)
  143. Christian Søstrøm (Founder of LalaToys & Woodstein)
  144. Dino Karic (Co-Founder & CEO of FLOK)
  145. Gregor Kosi (Founder & CEO of Great Leadership Solutions)
  146. Debbie Monthy (CEO at James Michel Foundation)
  147. Yael Rodriguez (Founder & CEO of Artekz | Leading Partner at BDO Digital)
  148. Nicoline Spruijt (CEO at Milestones)
  149. James C. Stone Jr. (Founder of SkyDog Social Digital Entertainment)
  150. Žiga Patačko Koderman (Co-Founder & CTO of zerodays)
  151. Luka Debevec (Founder & CEO of Kauch)
  152. Irene Giani (Co-Founder & CEO of Deeva)
  153. Joanna Abeyie (Founder & Director of Blue Moon)
  154. Miloš Čanković (Co-Founder & CEO of Brilliant Buttons)
  155. Grace Law (Founder & CEO of GL Success)
  156. Jaka Klemenčič (CEO at Valkyrie Global)
  157. Gift Braundi (Founder & CEO of Southern Pacific Group | Founder of The Braundi Foundation)
  158. Hana Sirco (Founder of Kreativa404 | Head of Marketing & Sales at Solution404)
  159. Denis Bornšek (Founder & CEO of Vitalno Podjetje)
  160. Ryszard Szczepaniak (CEO at Galvo)
  161. Igor Bidenko (Founder of IBVCLOUD OÜ)
  162. Sarra Maatallah (Founder of eCommense)
  163. Jaka Ažman (CEO at J&A Marsian)
  164. Ani Eliashvili (Co-Founder of
  165. Ashish Janiani (Founder & CEO of Salesdiaries & MotivationalDiaries)
  166. Adam Yousfi (Founder & CEO of KAY Design)
  167. Lovelesh Beeharry (CEO at A4Q)
  168. Ramiro Aponte Monroy (CEO & President at Xeducation)
  169. Sabina Ivanković (CEO of Delos Employment)
  170. Luca Campo (Co-Founder of Antone Padel)
  171. Amen Allah Ksouri (Founder of Freelancers Club)
  172. Nivedita Candade (Founder & Principal of Manda)
  173. Keith Palmer (Founder & CEO of KPPR Events And Marketing Corp)
  174. Vitjan Pukšič (Founder & CEO of BonApp)
  175. Lucas Marie (Co-Founder & CEO of Swashy)
  176. Matic Broz (Founder of Photutorial)
  177. Martin Blazinšek (CEO at The Smartestway)
  178. Julie Lamb (Founder & CEO of | Director of Events at CryptoOracle Collective)
  179. Bas Godska (Founding Partner at Acrobator Ventures)

 Download Brochure - Vol. 2 (PDF)

The brochure's high-quality resolution may result in longer download times.


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