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Brochure - Vol. 3 (2024) / Part 1 of 3: Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

Posted on May 13, 2024 by Sara Kremsar
624 | 13 May 2024
Brochure - Vol. 3 (2024) / Part 1 of 3: Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

Each year, our Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative traditionally ends with the release of a comprehensive brochure in December. This year, we’re switching things up! 

We’re introducing three special releases throughout 2024, leading up to our traditional December brochure release. With this new approach, our goal is to improve our readers’ experience by offering fresh and relevant content that can be used throughout the year.

  Download Brochure - Vol. 3 / Part 1 of 3 (PDF)

The brochure's high-quality resolution may result in longer download times.

About Our Initiative

Two years ago, we began an exciting journey with a simple yet powerful mission: to enhance and uplift the journey of entrepreneurs. Our goal was to give entrepreneurs the resources, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business. 

Each year, we connect with over a hundred global experts to bring you a diverse range of insights and advice. Each participant is asked a simple question: 

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting your entrepreneurial journey all over again, armed with the knowledge and experiences you have today?” 

This initiative is designed to be a supportive community where entrepreneurs at all stages can find guidance and inspiration.

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2024 Release Timeline

This is a first-wave release, so keep an eye out for the two following releases and the full brochure’s release in December 2024. 

  • 1st wave: May 2024
  • 2nd wave: August 2024
  • 3rd wave: November 2024
  • Full release: December 2024

2024 Initiative Participants – 1st Wave:

  1. Christi Maherry (Co-CEO at Snode Technologies | Co-Founder of LAWtrust)
  2. Primož Zelenšek (Co-Founder & CEO of Chipolo)
  3. Nick Fawbert (Founder & CEO of Mutiny Consulting)
  4. Peter Vidmar (CEO & Partner at Agencija 101)
  5. Davide De Vido (Founder & Owner of FiDeAL)
  6. Raphael Sauleau (CEO at IYC (The International Yacht Company)
  7. Sasha Kranjac (CEO at Kloudatech | CEO at Kranjac IT Training and Consulting)
  8. Tine Lugarič (Co-Founder & Creative Director at Trampolin)
  9. Liesbeth Ceelen (CEO at BioLizard)
  10. Sonja Klopčič (Co-Founder & CEO of AEIOU Universe)
  11. Marin Mrša (Founder & CEO of Peekator)
  12. Jan Bruckner (Founder of 10Xpansion | Director Germany at Austrian Business Agency)
  13. Erik van Doorne (Founder & Owner of Masters of Media)
  14. Robert Cash (Founder & CEO of Skye Capital)
  15. Tom Martin (Group CEO at HEALM)
  16. Sheena D. Franklin (Founder & CEO of K’ept Health)
  17. Alexey Grebennikov (Co-Founder & CEO of Aionys)
  18. Ana Garcia (Founder & CEO of Elite Fablane Luxury)
  19. AJ Green (Founder & CEO of AI Advantage Agency)
  20. Neja Gozdnikar (Co-Founder & CEO of Open Pledge)
  21. Ana Mineva (Co-Founder & CEO of DGLegacy®)
  22. Rafał Trzeciak (CEO at
  23. Cornelia Kawann (Founder & CEO of energy-on!)
  24. Michaela Tzvetanova (Founder of Qalb Communications Agency)
  25. Luka Banović (Co-Founder of Hummble)
  26. Priya M. Nair (Founder & CEO of zwag Ai Solutions)
  27. Udaya Bhaskar Kamisetty (Co-Founder & President of Sollys Consulting and Solutions)
  28. Arian Saddam Hossain (Co-Founder & CEO of DdF (Designers do Futuro)
  29. Anas Ben Lassoued (Owner & CEO of Musiek SA ETS)
  30. Andrei Kamarouski (Co-Founder & CEO of Pythia)

  Download Brochure - Vol. 3 / Part 1 of 3 (PDF)

The brochure's high-quality resolution may result in longer download times.


We deeply appreciate the growing interest and engagement in our community, which brings diverse experiences and perspectives. This wouldn't be possible without the participants who take time from their busy schedules to contribute to this initiative. Your involvement, enthusiasm, and willingness to share your knowledge and experiences have been truly invaluable. We are grateful for your dedication and commitment, which have greatly enriched our community and its endeavors. Thank you for making a significant impact and helping us achieve our goals.


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