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Welcoming World Impact Productions to the OPTIMOD Community

Posted on April 30, 2024 by Sara Kremsar
804 | 30 Apr 2024
Welcoming World Impact Productions to the OPTIMOD Community

We're thrilled to welcome World Impact Productions to the Optimod Community. World Impact Productions stands out not just as a media company but as a creator of powerful stories that engage and inspire audiences around the world. Under Mark Allan's guidance, the company has broadened its impact and sharpened its focus on producing content that fosters social change. Their active involvement in our "Media for Social Impact" initiative this year is a testament to their commitment to using media as a force for good. 

As we welcome World Impact Productions into our community, we're excited about the opportunities for collaboration and shared growth that lie ahead. Keep reading to find out more about how World Impact Productions is making a real difference.

Optimod Community Member Profile Card

- Company Name: World Impact Productions
- Industry: TV & Film
- Company Size: Large
- Headquarters Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
- Founder: Mark Allan

Company Website

Founder's Details, Story & Company Journey

Like any other industry, within the Television and Film industry, there exists a very small but powerful percentage of professionals who are the elite. The very best. The ultimate craftsman at their trade. Those whose work stands head and shoulders above all the rest. And within the Television and Film industry, those elite professionals create films and programming that set the standard for all others.

In 2018, many of those elite professionals met to discuss the state of the industry and their desire to do more than just create commercial projects. The fact is, many had become jaded by the superficial and frivolous nature of commercial television and film production.

Thus, World Impact Productions was born. Its concept was simple: bring together the very best talent in both industries to create powerful films and television programming that can have a substantive impact on the world.

Company Description

World Impact Productions is a global leader in entertainment, known for its rich history of award-winning Productions across film and television.

Our - WIP's State of the Art Production Studio exemplifies the pinnacle of creative and technical filmmaking excellence. It's a hive of activity where cutting-edge technology meets creativity, outfitted with the latest 4K and 8K cameras, advanced lighting systems, and a versatile set design space. This studio is engineered to accommodate a wide range of productions, from blockbuster movies to high-end commercials and PSAs, providing filmmakers with the tools to bring their visions to life with unparalleled clarity and detail.

The Executive Offices at the studio are designed to reflect the sophistication and professionalism of the production environment. These spaces are stylish and comfortable, providing a conducive environment for creative and business discussions. Equipped with high-speed internet, conference facilities, and a sleek, modern design, the executive offices are where production teams, clients, and studio executives collaborate to make strategic decisions. These offices are the nerve centre of the studio, coordinating the intricate process of bringing cinematic projects to fruition.

Main Services & Offerings: 

- Our primary focus at the moment is the Production of 25 PSA Campaigns.
- Additionally, we executive produce major films, documentaries and TV programs in the U.S.


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PSA (Public Service Announcement) series

World Impact Productions, in partnership with OPTIMOD, a leader in entrepreneurial support and business systems development, announces a groundbreaking initiative to identify twenty-five international organizations with impactful innovations from across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, business, and more, to be featured in a special PSA (Public Service Announcement) series. This ambitious international PSA series will be distributed in over 400 countries worldwide and will join the widely broadcast U.S. PSA campaign “Breakthroughs” in bringing a spotlight to the solutions that all 25 revolutionary organizations bring.


Interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with this Optimod Community Member? 

Reach out to their account manager - Sara Kremsar, and let's connect to discuss how we can mutually benefit from working together and take the Optimod Community to another level.

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