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Empowering Slovenia's Aspiring Entrepreneurs: OPTIMOD Joins PONI LUR Project

Posted on February 19, 2024 by Sara Kremsar
564 | 19 Feb 2024
Empowering Slovenia's Aspiring Entrepreneurs: OPTIMOD Joins PONI LUR Project

In the heart of Slovenia, an exciting project is unfolding, aimed at revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape of the Ljubljana Urban Region. Optimod is proud to announce our active involvement in the PONI LUR project, dedicated to helping individuals realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. The PONI LUR project is a key component of the broader initiative, "An Entrepreneurial Approach to Challenges," set for implementation across Slovenia from 2023 to 2029.

What sets PONI LUR apart is its emphasis on collaboration. It embodies a high effort to inspire, support, and empower emerging entrepreneurs. At Optimod, we are privileged to contribute, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and uniting people to devise innovative solutions to entrepreneurial challenges.


The core objective of PONI LUR is to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals. It's designed to nurture new businesses from inception, bolstered by a thorough entrepreneurship training program and access to a network of mentors and experts. This robust support framework aims to steer participants from concept to execution, encompassing all aspects of entrepreneurship and providing co-working spaces to cultivate a dynamic community of innovators.

The project has set ambitious targets, including assisting 106 potential entrepreneurs in developing business plans and launching minimum viable products, with the goal of achieving a 30% success rate in entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition to stimulating the local economy, this initiative also moves toward a more innovative and sustainable future, backed by substantial funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


A pivotal aspect of Optimod's role in the PONI LUR project is to support entrepreneurs on their journey. To this end, Optimod will offer specialized workshops and individual consultations tailored to the needs of emerging business leaders. These sessions will cover essential topics such as market research, sales, marketing with an emphasis on digital tactics, and effective use of platforms like LinkedIn for business expansion.

Optimod's goal is to provide targeted assistance and insights, thereby preparing participants to excel in a competitive business environment. Beyond mere learning opportunities, these workshops serve as a foundation for forming a community of entrepreneurs who share the ambition of achieving business success.

Through this initiative, Optimod seeks to foster a conducive ecosystem where aspiring entrepreneurs can gain critical skills and build a network of peers, all aiming to navigate the complexities of the business landscape effectively.


The PONI LUR project represents a shared endeavor aimed at developing a vibrant and pioneering entrepreneurial ecosystem. At Optimod, we are privileged to contribute significantly to this project, impacting not just the Ljubljana Urban Region but also setting a benchmark for entrepreneurial development worldwide. This initiative offers an opportunity to be part of a movement dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, acting as a call to action for individuals passionate about effecting change and propelling the future of business forward.


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