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World Impact Productions & OPTIMOD Join Forces in Global Search for Innovative Solutions to Appear in Int'l PSA Campaign

Posted on May 1, 2024 by Sara Kremsar
747 | 1 May 2024
World Impact Productions & OPTIMOD Join Forces in Global Search for Innovative Solutions to Appear in Int'l PSA Campaign

At OPTIMOD, we're thrilled to announce our involvement in a groundbreaking initiative with World Impact Productions (WIP). Together, we're launching a special Public Service Announcement (PSA) series that will spotlight twenty-five innovative organizations from around the globe, spanning sectors like technology, healthcare, and business. Our goal with this campaign is to reach 400+ major markets across nearly 200 countries and territories, aligning with the U.S. PSA campaign 'Breakthroughs.

Campaign Vision and Goals

Through this PSA series, our aim is to foster wider recognition and adoption of transformative innovations. The selected solutions will be showcased across various media platforms, offering extraordinary exposure and inspiring further innovation worldwide.  

With a longstanding commitment to driving positive change through media, World Impact Productions (WIP) combines its high-powered production and media prowess with OPTIMOD’s expertise in business optimization and development in searching out and supporting companies whose products, services, and/or advancements promise significant societal impact. This ideal collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to support innovations that can transform lives around the globe.

Highlighting Innovation

The international PSA series is part of the ongoing U.S. campaign "Breakthroughs," designed to bring attention to solutions that can transform lives. The campaign focuses on innovations with the potential to reshape industries and address critical societal issues, whether at the regional, national, or global level.

Inviting Innovators

We invite innovators from around the world to participate, with a selection panel comprising experts from WIP, OPTIMOD, and beyond. The campaign welcomes organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The selected organizations will benefit from a comprehensive media campaign, including television, digital, and social media exposure.

How to Get Involved

We encourage forward-thinking innovators to seize this unique opportunity. The campaign offers international media exposure and a chance to be part of a larger movement towards sustainable solutions. 

Reach & Exposure

Through our Public Service Announcement (PSA) Series, we are set to spotlight 25 select companies worldwide, offering them an extraordinary opportunity for global recognition. Selected candidates will receive unparalleled exposure through comprehensive media coverage, strategically ensuring their visibility across various platforms, including television, social media, digital channels, and PR avenues. 

With Breakthroughs, participating companies will seize the chance to introduce their innovative technologies and products to millions of viewers worldwide, catapulting their brands to new levels of recognition and success. This initiative not only guarantees significant exposure but also unlocks doors to enhanced sales and unparalleled growth opportunities, cementing the selected companies' positions as frontrunners in their respective industries.

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This exciting partnership between OPTIMOD and World Impact Productions presents an incredible opportunity for innovative organizations to shine on the global stage. Through this PSA campaign, we aim to inspire action and create a more sustainable world.

For additional information on how to secure a nomination, please contact Sara Kremsar.

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