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Brochure - Vol. 1 (2022): Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

Posted on December 15, 2022 by Sara Kremsar
4692 | 15 Dec 2022
Brochure - Vol. 1 (2022): Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative

There is a lot of information on the internet, many books, and studies that are confusing and unclear. Starting a business and keeping it afloat is challenging. Unfortunately, there is no rulebook to follow to ride out the storm and steer the ship. Every business is different, and each carries its own risks, opportunities, and rewards.

For that reason, with our initiative, we wish to provide you with valuable information that will help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. We believe the best way to obtain accurate information backed up with real-life knowledge and experience is to go directly to the source.

So, whether you are just starting your business or you already have a business and are still trying to figure your way through it, make sure to look at the Brochure – Vol. 1 (PDF). In section 3, you will find advice that Founders, CEOs, and Best-In-Class Leaders worldwide would give their younger selves if they started their journey again with all the knowledge they have today.

  Download Brochure - Vol. 1 (PDF)

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With our Improving Entrepreneurial Journey Initiative, we aspire to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of their entrepreneurial path. In this annual initiative, we surveyed over 100 Owners, Founders, CEOs, and Best-In-Class Leaders. We asked them what advice they would give themselves if they were embarking on their entrepreneurial journey anew, armed with the knowledge and experience they possess today.

With this initiative, our goal is to provide insights to both aspiring young entrepreneurs and those already deeply engaged in the world of entrepreneurship, facing various challenges on their way towards optimum success.

TOPIC OVERVIEW: Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey

The Brochure - Vol. 1 (2022)besides a section with advice from global experts, also features an article titled "Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey," which is divided into 3 chapters.

Chapter 1: Decoding Entrepreneurial Journey
1.1 The entrepreneurial world as an independent sphere
1.2 Starting the entrepreneurial path
1.3 Becoming a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Chapter 2: Mindset, Problem-Solving & Work Ethics
2.1 Entrepreneurial personality & mindset
2.2 Problem-solving dilemmas
2.3 Entrepreneurial lifestyle & work ethics

Chapter 3: Day-To-Day Obstacles & Struggles
3.1 The value of time management
3.2 Critical thinking & intuitive decision-making
3.3 Mental health awareness & recognition

PARTICIPANTS – 127 Global Participants

In Section 3, we present advice received from a total of 127 participants. These participants represented a diverse range of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more. The majority of the participants held titles such as Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, and Director, ensuring that we reflect real-life knowledge and experiences from top-level decision-makers. Within the overall count of 127 participants, you'll find individuals from 34 different countries.

A big ❝THANK YOU❞ to all participants for taking the time out of their busy schedules.


  1. 'John Siefert (CEO at Dynamic Communities & Co-Founder of Acceleration Economy)
  2. David M. Cote (Executive Chairman at Vertiv Holdings Co)
  3. Thomas Klein (President & CEO at Mercedes-Benz Korea)
  4. Michael Koch (CEO at Mitsubishi Chemical Group, Advanced Materials Division)
  5. Saša Popović (Partner & CEO at Vega IT)
  6. John Denhof (CEO & President at Nova KBM)
  7. Iza Sia Login (CEO at Reemina & Co-Founder at Outfit7)
  8. Marko Ketler (Senior Partner at Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic)
  9. Lovro Peterlin (Managing Director at A1 Slovenija)
  10. Antonio Nemola (Managing Director & Head of Iberia at EssilorLuxottica)
  11. Tomaž Gorjup (CEO at Styria digital marketplaces / /
  12. Nenad Đorđević (Director at Iskra)
  13. Sarah Hawley (CEO at Growmotely)
  14. Peter Frankl (CEO & Publisher at Častnik Finance)
  15. Lere Baale (CEO at Business School Netherlands)
  16. Miha Lavtar (CEO at Optiweb)
  17. Sead Ahmetović (CEO at WeAreDevelopers)
  18. Elena Baeva (Founder & CEO at 365 Talent Portal)
  19. Ravinder Kulsari (Co-Founder of Proso AI Technologies)
  20. Jan Heere (Former CEO at Studio Moderna)
  21. Ivan Erenda (CEO at TPV Automotive & Co-Author of the book »Intuition and Success«) 
  22. Frédéric Bonelli (CEO at Cointribune & Cointelegraph)
  23. Mian Jawad Ahmad (Founder & CEO at Encoder Bytes)
  24. Aleša Mižigoj (Owner & CEO at Medex)
  25. Sandi Markon (Owner of Stroka produkt)
  26. Adam Berezin (Co-Founder & CEO at
  27. Mathew Warboys (CEO at The CEO Hub)
  28. Miha Jagodic (Founder & CEO at
  29. Katja Kraškovic (Director at GEA College Faculty of Entrepreneurship)
  30. Marcus Köhnlein (Co-Founder of Quarero)
  31. Bennett Maxwell (Founder of Dirty Dough)
  32. Nastja Kramer Pesek (Co-Founder of Malinca)
  33. Igor Pauletič (Co-Founder & CEO at FrodX)
  34. Mikkel Wakefield (CEO at Mouseflow)
  35. Mathieu Gorge (CEO at VigiTrust)
  36. Jauher Zaidi (Co-Founder of Palmchip)
  37. Jure Leskovec (Co-Founder & CEO at Docentric)
  38. Staša Kotnik (Owner of Hermes)
  39. Jošt Štrukelj (CEO at SunContract)
  40. Sabine Caliskan (Managing Director at ParP-PeopleAtRightPlace)
  41. Mario Aguilera (Founder & CEO at Tespack)
  42. Caritta Seppä (Co-Founder & COO at Tespack)
  43. Craig J. Willis (CEO at Skore)
  44. Luka Pregelj (Founder & CEO at Quantifly)
  45. Jonas J. Danzeisen (CEO at Venios)
  46. Ana Rosa de Lima (Founder of Meli Bees Network)
  47. Nashid Ali (Founder & CEO at Cloud Creative)
  48. Robert Ličen (Founder of Business Center Pegasus)
  49. Nik Vene (Founder & CEO at N.V. Holders)
  50. Pavlos Vasileiadis (Co-Founder & CEO at Upiria)
  51. Monika Ilieva (Co-Founder & CEO at Cafe De Anatolia)
  52. Dustin Byington (CEO at TWO12.CO)
  53. Gerhard Pichler (CEO at easescreen)
  54. Jure Knez  (Owner of Dewesoft)
  55. Matej Štefančič (CEO at EFOS)
  56. Anthony Joseph Abou-Jaoude (CEO at Primestay)
  57. Erik Zimmerman (CEO at Sitetech Solutions)
  58. Matej Kurent (Managing Director at Avancero
  59. Petra Parovel (Founder & CEO at SWY brand)
  60. Brian Sather (CEO at Blacksmith International)
  61. Harald Raetzsch (CEO at IoT40 Systems)
  62. Dragan Šibanc (CEO at PSD Translation and Localization)
  63. Peter Joeckel (Founder & President at HandsFree)
  64. Miha Matlievski (CEO at Fail Coach)
  65. Jelena Vuletić (Founder of Balance2Business)
  66. Jean-Bertrand De Lartigue (CEO at Driving Vision)
  67. Vladimir Balukčić (CEO at eŠola)
  68. Olaf Kopp (Co-Founder of Aufgesang)
  69. Martin G. Scarpino (CEO at Swiss Cham)
  70. Marc Förster Algás (Founder of KARISMA)
  71. Ryan Luke (CEO at Luke Capital Group)
  72. Borko Kikić (Owner of
  73. Simona Špilak (Founder of BOC Institute)
  74. Pavle Jazbec (Group CEO at Actual I.T.)
  75. Emile van Zyl (Founder & CEO at Community Juice)
  76. Jamie Parmenter (CEO at Real Nifty)
  77. Manja Porle (CEO at Miss Moose Studio)
  78. Steven Hoffman (Chairman & CEO at Founders Space)
  79. Ivan Lijović (Founder & CEO at Stožer)
  80. Emil Marinšek (CEO at Maremico)
  81. Aldo Tripiciano (CEO at Adalot Networks)
  82. Miloš Petković (CEO & Operations at Rodex Mechatronics)
  83. Jure Knehtl (Founder & CEO of WeScale)
  84. Sergey Kalachin (CEO at Sedesla)
  85. Wali Ullah Khan (Co-Founder of TechSigna)
  86. Simon Svast (Founder & CEO at MojSMS Telekom)
  87. Jason Duncan (Co-Founder & Executive Vice President at RentPERKS)
  88. Manfred Brandner (Owner & CEO at eee group)
  89. Craig Eason (Founder & CEO at Startup4ten)
  90. Vedran Krevatin (CEO at IN2 Koper & Executive director Insurance at IN2 Group)
  91. Lucia Lučka Klanšek (Founder of LLK)
  92. Claus Rosenberg Gotthard (Co-Founder & CEO at Zetako)
  93. Oswaldo Avellaneda (CEO at BDM Holding)
  94. Andrea Todorova (Co-Founder of Diligent studios)
  95. Maximilian Neukirchner (CEO at Recruity)
  96. Samet Kasik (Founder of Acumen)
  97. Mahmoud Abu Elheja (Co-Founder of Mobeasy)
  98. Erick Omondi (Founder & CEO at Bigdatasolutionske)
  99. Jan Jelčič (CEO at Holo Limited)
  100. Thommie Burger (Founder of JTB Consulting)
  101. Matej Guid (Founder & CEO at
  102. Martin Fišer (Owner & CEO at Nova komunikacija)
  103. Nejc Šimenko (CEO at MedicoFit)
  104. Joey Trend (CEO at Hum JAM)
  105. Aaron Ardiri (CEO at RIoT Secure)
  106. Vojislav Perić (CEO at SupremeNexus)
  107. Ana Kolenc (Co-Founder & CEO at LIGHT)
  108. Patrick J. McKenna (Founder & CEO at McKenna Associates)
  109. Marko Bucić (CEO at Salesfocus)
  110. Anja Medle (Founder & CEO at MEDLE)
  111. Marko Klemenčič (CEO at Qvapehouse)
  112. Aljoša Bagola (Founder & CEO at
  113. John McGill (Founder of Client Confident)
  114. Romeo Nišandžić (Co-Owner of RNS)
  115. Igor Strnad (Co-Founder & CEO at STELLAR)
  116. Reka Peresa (Founder of Rock & Sway Climate Engineering)
  117. Til Lajovic (CEO at FirstClass)
  118. Rok Zalar (CEO at Visionect
  119. Gašper Repina (CEO at GR8)
  120. Maša Dalanay (CEO at Maša Dalanay)
  121. Rasa Seskauskaite (Co-Founder & CEO at ANTA AI)
  122. Klemen Zupančič (CEO at SciNote)
  123. Malin Martnes (CEO at MaCoTra)
  124. Žiga Novak (CEO at The Walnut Grove Group)
  125. David Irakoze (Founder & CEO at Engineering Hub)
  126. Tabetha Sheaver (Founder of Plus Delta & Professional Implementer at EOS Worldwide
  127. Sabina Nawaz (Global CEO Coach)

 Download Brochure - Vol. 1 (PDF)

The brochure's high-quality resolution may result in longer download times.


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