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Strategic Asset Management: Maximizing Value, Minimizing Risks

Posted on April 20, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
In today's rapidly changing business landscape, effective asset management has become a top priority for organizations. It's considered a crucial element for successful operations, involving strategic planning, acquisition, use, maintenance, and disposal of assets to maximize their value and minimize risks. This article provides a clear and concise overview of asset management, emphasizing its imp...

Total Quality Management (TQM): Driving Success with a Transformative Approach

Posted on April 6, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Imagine a business world where quality is not just a goal but a way of life—a perpetual journey of improvement that infiltrates every aspect of an organization. This captivating management philosophy is none other than Total Quality Management (TQM), a transformative approach designed to revolutionize the quality of products, services, and processes within your company. By embracing continuous, or...

Driving Business Excellence through Quality Management Systems

Posted on March 27, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Quality is an important factor in any business, but what does it really mean? According to ISO (International Organization for Standardization), quality refers to the level to which a set of inherent characteristics meets specific requirements. To ensure that a business meets these requirements, it needs quality management. ISO defines quality management as coordinated activities that direct and c...

Key Findings from a Research Study between Optimod and the University of Maribor

Posted on March 24, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Optimod team proudly participated in the 42nd International Conference on Organizational Science Development in Portorož, Slovenia, from March 22nd to 24th, 2023. With the theme of "Interdisciplinarity Counts", the conference brought together academics, researchers, practitioners, and students to discuss innovative approaches to organizational science development. Optimod started a research collab...

Critical Role of Quality Management and Policies

Posted on March 16, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Quality management is a critical aspect of running any organization. A clear and effective quality policy is essential to ensure that the organization meets its quality objectives and provides high-quality products and services to its customers. The quality policy formally expresses the organization's overall views and direction regarding quality, outlining its desired results and providing a fram...

From Chaos to Clarity: Tools and Techniques of Process Modeling

Posted on March 13, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Business processes are the backbone of any successful organization. They offer a systematic way to execute daily operations, ensuring tasks are accomplished with precision, consistency, and compliance. By documenting and analyzing each process, organizations can uncover areas of improvement, cut costs, boost productivity, and shorten turnaround times. Business processes also help companies comply...

Optimod Brings Entrepreneurial Insights to the Slovenian Coast

Posted on March 6, 2023 by Sara Kremsar
Optimod is proud to be an active participant at the 42nd International Conference on Organizational Science Development, taking place at the Congress Centre Portus in Portorož, Slovenia, from March 22nd to 24th, 2023. The conference, with the theme of "Interdisciplinarity Counts," will bring together academics, researchers, practitioners, and students from various fields to discuss innovative appr...